Do I need Lawn Care?

Absolutely!  Having a lush green lawn is not only beautiful to look at, it gives you bragging rights in the neighborhood. Thick green grass also cuts down on ambient sounds. Lawn of the Month will custom tailor a program just for your lawn that fits your budget. Your lawn could be "Lawn of the Month".


Our team of skilled technicians are fully trained and certified to provide expert lawn care. You do not need to store chemicals, or learn how and when to apply them. You dont have to figure out by trial and error what is the detailed form for keeping a lawn looking great. We take care of all of the hard work for you.

At Lawn of the Month, we pride ourselves in providing the best lawn care services at the best price in Houston. Our reputation for technical excellence and competitive pricing is surpassed only by our dedication to customer service. Lawn of the Month provides for all your lawn treatment needs, from fertilizer, to weed, chinch bugs, lawn pests, insect, and disease control such as brown patch disease. We do all the work - you get a dense, healthy, more weed free lawn. Check out our Photo Gallery of lawns we manage.

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I have a compliment for you. We have been at our residence for 24 years, and our lawn has never looked more beautiful. Glad we found you. Thanks and keep up the good work in caring for our
Charles and Jan P
Katy, TX.

State Licensed (TDA) Lawn & Tree/Shrub Technician #0504359

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