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Our Services

Our Services

Basic maintenance program for lawns includes:

  • Liquid and granular fertilizer
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Pre and post emergent weed control
  • Turf damaging insect and disease control (chinchbugs, grubs, brown patch, take all patch and gray leaf spot).
  • Correct watering instructions and cultural practice information.
  • Expert and correct problem diagnosis.
  • I will sweep up any granules that get on the concrete.
  • 6-8 applications yearly, depending on the turf's initial condition and needs
  • Free Service Calls in between scheduled visits
  • No Contracts


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Very nice and informative. Great Pricing. Bryan responded to our needs very quickly. Great job so far. I was very suprised because I thought our net sedge problem was much bigger then it really was. Bryan is very honest. He is not a "High Pressure" salesman, which is what you get with most of the … read more
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Katy, TX.

State Licensed (TDA) Lawn & Tree/Shrub Technician #0504359

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